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Life in Dawson City
Relive the wild 1890's

 In the 1890s Dawson City was the heart of the great Klondike Gold Rush. Over a century later Dawson still celebrates it colorful past, and in many respects nothing much has changed.
The year-round population of Dawson is approximately 2000, and these people are the spirit and heart of the North, the flavor and breath of fresh air that makes the town what it is today. Dawson City is living history and the residents take pride in seeing their historical surroundings thrive in a modern day world. As one walks through its downtown and residential areas, the old and the new blend into a unique and timeless experience.
Dawson hosts many exciting events throughout the year, and that is where the community shines! Whatever the occasion, the townspeople really make it happen, providing more than 70,000 visitors a year with everything they need for the experience of a lifetime. The people of Dawson City are wonderful grassroots hosts who love where they live and love to share that enthusiasm with their guests.
Dawson City lies within the traditional lands of the Tr’ondëk Hwech’in, who have adapted from a pre-contact subsistence-based lifestyle centered on the Yukon River salmon runs, to a successful self-governing body that includes ownership of many flourishing businesses in the town of Dawson. Many Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in currently practice cultural activities with pride and creativity largely due to the insight of Chief Isaac, who took many precautions at the beginning of the Gold Rush to preserve the society and future of his people. Their fascinating history and vibrant culture is presented at the Danoja Zho Cultural Centre in Dawson through interpretive programs, special performances and gallery tours.
Visit Dawson City yourself where you can enjoy a walk along the dyke ovrelooking the famous Yukon River, be amazed by the midnight sun in the summer or spectacular northern lights in the winter. Try your luck at historic Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall and wander the same streets of Dawson City that inspired world famous authors Jack London, Pierre Berton and poet Robert Service. They really have it all in Dawson City!

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