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      1.  Enjoy your journey!  Make it an
      2.  Take your time.
      3.  Be prepared to stop for wildlife.
      4.  Find a safe place to pull completely off
         the road to observe wildlife or take
      5.  Take time to enjoy the scenery and
         wildlife.                  is the most      • *Award winning Photos
      6.  Get fuel in major areas as refills are  comprehensive online travel site for   • Unforgettable Videos
         few and far between at times.       Alaska, Western Canada and Northwest
                                             USA providing travel information to help
      7.  Consider your travels in hours rather  plan your vacation.              • Great Contests
         than miles or kilometers.                                                There is a lot to Like
      8.  Give the truckers room to get around  Visit our Video Travel Channel and see
         you.                                hundreds of videos shot from all the
      9.  When you see signs with three      locations covered in the Travel Guide.
         triangles, be prepared to slow down
         before you hit the dip.    is constantly
      10. Check the weather whenever you can.   updated to provide travelers with the
         Visitor’s Centers usually have it posted.  most up-to-date information available
      11.  Check the highway conditions at   for all your travel needs!
         Visitor’s Centers also.
      12.   Have your camera and cell phone
         ready for spontaneous pictures.
      13.  When you gas up, do a visual check of
         your tires and vehicle.                                                                      FREE
      14. You do not need to carry extra fuel.  It’s                                             TRAVEL GUIDE APP
         too dangerous.  There are many places                                                  Experience the TRAVEL GUIDE
         to get fuel.                                                                           with our new full-featured
      15.  When traveling through road                                                          app. Watch videos within the
                                                                                                pages and Interact with the
         construction, leave plenty of space                                                    magazine like never before!
         between you and other vehicles                                                         Download the entire magazine
         because of rocks.                                                                      to view anywhere, anytime!
      16. Give wildlife lots of space when taking  FREE DIGITAL EDITION                          SCAN THE CODE BELOW OR
         pictures.  Keep your vehicle in view.                                                         VISIT
      17.  Don’t stand in the middle of the  The complete Travel Guide is now                    TRAVELGUIDEBOOK.COM
         highway to take pictures.           digital! ALL PAGES, ALL COVERAGE                      TO GET YOURS NOW!
      18. Trip planning – make reservations  with many special features  built
         ahead for the end of the day.       right into the ads in Travel Guide.
      19. When you approach buffalo, give them
         space.  They move slowly, but hitting  Search location of editorial and
         one is like hitting a brick wall!   special features.
      20. Pay attention to the road signs.
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