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Serviced by the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system; 19 air miles from Kodiak City. Population: 220.


Port Lions is located near the mouth of Kizhuyak Bay at the north end of Kodiak Island. Sitka spruce, birch, alder and willow trees cover the mountainous terrain around the village.   


Established after the tsunami of 1964 damaged Afognak Village on Afognak Island, Port Lions was named in honor of the Lions Club, the service group that helped relocate and build the new village. Many residents return to visit the old Russian Orthodox church, the schoolhouse and other old buildings. Petroglyphs mark rock faces surrounding the old village and stand as silent witness to a once thriving pre-historic community. A causeway provides foot and bike access across Settler’s Cove for further exploration of the area.


The area around Port Lions provides top notch hunting opportunities, while surrounding waters support steelhead, freshwater trout, five species of salmon and very large trophy-size halibut. Marine mammals such as sea otter, sea lions, Dall and harbor porpoise and several species of whales routinely cruise Marmot Bay.


The Port Lions community offers the hospitality of bed and breakfast inns, several all inclusive lodges, eateries and general store, plus charter services for hunting and fishing.

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