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Location: On the northwest side of Iliamna Lake in southwest Alaska, between the Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks and Preserves, 225 miles southwest of Anchorage. Iliamna is primarily accessible by air and water. Population: 102. Visitor Information: www.lakeandpen.com


Iliamna was originally the name of an Athabaskan village located where the Iliamna River flows into Iliamna Lake, about 40 miles from the present-day town where the residents of “Old Iliamna” moved in 1935. The lake, second largest in the United States, is famous for rainbow trout, Chinook and Sockeye salmon, as well as one of only two populations of fresh water seals in the world. It is also rumored to have a Loch Ness-type monster lurking in its waters. The first hunting and fishing lodge in the area was built in the 1930s and many more followed in the later 1900s.

Iliamna is the transportation hub of the area, world renowned for trophy fishing and hunting, and is served by several airlines providing daily scheduled flights from Anchorage. Air taxis and charter service provide transportation to outlying villages, hunting, fishing and rafting locations. Rafting equipment is available for rent in town. Located in Anchorage, Iliamna Air Taxi can safely and effectively help you get wherever you need to go in the Iliamna, Lake Clark and Bristol Bay region. Contact them through www.iliamnaair.com.

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