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                                                          A special feature on bears of the

                                                      Northwest USA, Canada and Alaska

                                                                                by Scott Graber and Suzanne Graber Alvarez

                                                                                    There is a legend of a great, magical bear
                                                                                  that roamed the forests. No bear was its equal
                                                                                  and  all  people  lived  in  awe  and  fear  of  its
                                                                                  massive presence. However, there came the
                                                         Photo Credits: Breath of the Bear  day that two talented brothers and their small
                                  Scott Stone         Bill Feller -  dog tracked the magical bear and chased it
                                                       Bruce Maynes -  for days through the  woods  and plains  until
                                               Daniel Bunker -  at last they all fell over the edge of the earth
                                                  Danny Sullivan -  and into the stars. When the seasons change
                                                         Dave Briggs -
                                                         Deby Dixon -  and in autumn the constellation grazes the
                                                      Francoise Gervais -  horizon, you can see this story in the stars, as
                                                  Jim Griffin -  the head of the great bear is the square shape
                                                Jon Kumamoto -  some call the bowl of the Big Dipper and the
                                                   Judy Heller -  hunters and their dog are close behind in the
                                                     KAR Photography -  Dipper’s handle.  The  Tlingit called them half
                                             Kari Watkins -  human, half god and other tribes called them
                                                  Pragyan Grimm -
                                                    Scott Stone -  “grandfather” or “cousin”. Their scientific term is
                                                    Shayne McGuire -         ursidae and we know them as bears, the most
                                                   Southeast Aviation -  powerful carnivores  in all  the  world, and in
                                                      Susi Zimmermann -  Alaska there is a good chance that you will run
                                               Theresa Bielawski -  into one of them.
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