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being with skilled guides in bear country.  moose, caribou,  wolves, birds and fowl and   Lake Clark is a very rugged, unspoiled area of
                                             of course brown bears, who can best be seen   natural beauty. Sleeping volcanoes, formidable
          Brooks River   Fly-in              in early  July through mid-August feasting   ice fields and glaciers, lakes teaming with trout
          The only bears to regularly inhabit Katmai   on the chum or dog salmon.  This area is   and salmon and a variety of wildlife attract true
        National Park and Preserve are brown bears.   controlled by an access permit program from   outdoor enthusiasts. The area of Crescent Lake
        Bear  watching  at  Brooks  River  is  unique,   the  Alaskan Department of Fish and Game.    attracts a large number of brown bears to the
        because it is a large gathering location for   This ensures that visitors can enjoy a pristine   area including mothers and cubs, young adults
        brown  bears. Even  if  you  only spend  one   piece of wilderness and the wildlife is safe and   and big boars.
        hour  watching bears at Brooks River, it is   protected for all generations.
        easy to see how each bear is different. These                               Frazer Lake-Kodiak Island   Fly-in
        bears are not only distinguished by physical   Denali National Park   Road Access  Located  70  miles  from  the  city  of  Kodiak,
        characteristics, but more importantly, they are   Standing as a sentinel, keeping a watchful   this is the Island’s premier bear viewing spot.
        also distinguished by their habits and behavior.   eye over Alaska’s forests and coasts is North   The sockeye salmon can get backed up at
        Bear watching at Brooks River will give you a   America’s tallest peak-Denali, but the park   the  entrance  to  the  fish  ladder  (designed  to
        chance to see these brown bears in their own   is  far  more  than  a  tall  mountain. With  over  6   help the salmon navigate Frazer Falls) and the
        habitat.                             million square miles of wilderness to explore   renowned Kodiak bears sit back and feast on a
                                             and one road that bisects it all through low   salmon buffet.
          Hallo Bay   Fly-in                 elevation taiga forest, alpine tundra and
          A  meadow  filled  with  wildflowers  bursting   mountain tops frosted in icy snow. Something   Karluk Lake   Fly-in
        with  color,  a  glacier-filled  creek  meanders   for everyone awaits the adventurous spirit in   The Karluk basin is the ancestral home of
        through the meadow  while  a snow-capped   Denali and where better to spend time with the   the native Alutiq people and is also the home
        mountain protects the idyllic scene ... welcome   169 species of birds, 39 mammal species and   of the Kodiak bear, the king of all carnivore land
        to Hallo Bay! The Bay is a sanctuary within a   14 varieties of fish. One of the best ways to view   animals. It is here where these bears graze and
        sanctuary located on the sea in Katmai, and is   the wildlife is while riding a bus on the Denali   fish  undisturbed  from  modern  life.  Step  back
        home  to bears who  graze  on vegetation  and   Park Road. Relax and  watch the stunning   in time as you watch the bears living the same
        clams  in  early  June  and  stay  around  to  fish   scenery pass by  while an expert navigator   way they have for thousands of years.
        during  July  and  August.  Hallo  Bay  is  difficult   follows the winding Park Road.
        to get to and is best explored by using one of                              Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory   Fly-in
        Alaska’s authorized guiding tours.     Wolverine Creek-Big River Lakes   Fly-in  & Jet Boat
                                               Located  on  the  west  side  of  Cook  Inlet   Near  Wrangell, an ancient  Tlingit native
          McNeil River Sanctuary   Fly-in    across from the Kenai Peninsula, this creek is   fishing  site  known  as  Anan  Creek  has  the
          High in the  Aleutian Range, glacier  water   the place to watch both black and brown bears   largest pink salmon run in Southeast  Alaska.
        makes its  way down toward Cook Inlet in   fish for sockeye salmon and teach their young   The observatory is only accessible by boat or
        southwestern  Alaska.  This  200  square  mile   cubs the art of catching their meals.  plane and the observation platform overlooks
        protected area provides home and refuge to                                the cascading falls where salmon jump up the
        an abundance of  wildlife, including red fox,   Lake Clark National Park and Preserve   Fly-in  river almost into the bear’s mouth. A half mile

                                                                                                          Scenic Bear Viewing
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