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I have had a front row seat to nature’s greatest shows of glacier calving, whales breeching and Kodiak
      bears  battling  over  salmon. Along  the way    I  have  come  across  some  remarkable  towns  and  have  met
      extraordinary people from all over the world. When most people plan their Alaska vacation they book one of
      the numerous cruise ships that frequent the waterways of the 49th state. While traveling in one of these
      floating cities has its place, it does impart a more restricted form of vacationing as groups of people
      are herded on and off the ship with very limited time devoted to each port.  If sight seeing with
      thousands of other people isn’t for you, then I would suggest you follow the itinerary for Travel
      Guide’s “Eight Perfect Days in Southeast Alaska.” Nestled in the southern archipelago like
      jewels in a crown, lies the capitol of Juneau, along with the delightful cities of Sitka,
      Wrangell, Skagway, Haines, Petersburg and Ketchikan. To experience these towns
      is to encounter quintessential Alaska-pristine rivers, cultural heritage sites, awe-
      inspiring glaciers and of course bears. A person can leave the commotion
      and traffic of Seattle, Washington in the morning and by the afternoon be
      watching bears fish for salmon in Anan Creek outside of Wrangell. There
      has never been a better time to visit Alaska.

                       Leaving Shelter Harbor       American Bald Eagle Foundation
                                 Auke Bay
                                                                       Haines                        Alexander Baranof

                                                                                                    Mendenhall Glacier,
                                                                                                 photo by Charles Baxter
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