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Wrangell, Alaska

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                    Anan Wildlife Observatory             Chief Shakes Tribal House  Petroglyph Beach State Park

         Day 1 Seattle/Wrangell            Today this creek still has the largest pink   of visitors during the salmon run out of
                                           salmon run in Southeast  Alaska. Both   respect for the bears as this is their main
         Fly  from  Seattle,  Washington  to   black and brown bears are attracted to   food source used  to bulk  up before
      Wrangell, Alaska on Alaska Air. There is   the creek with mainly mothers, their cubs   winter hibernation.
      no need to rent a car as Wrangell is easy   and juvenile bears taking advantage
      to  navigate  on  foot. The  Stikine  Inn will   of the abundance of fish. Getting to the   Relax and enjoy a dinner of grilled
      pick you up at the airport and take you   Anan  Wildlife  Observatory  requires  a   salmon on the waterfront at the Stikine
      to the hotel. Anan Wildlife Observatory is   reservation and a permit ahead of time   Inn.  After  dinner  walk  the  streets  of
      a  world-class  bear  viewing  destination,   as the preserve can only be accessed by   Wrangell  and  see  the  local  businesses
      located 30 miles southeast of the town   boat or float plane. Permits are regulated   and the best little drug store in Southeast
      of  Wrangell  in  the  Tongass  National   by  the  U.S.  Forest  Service,  with  most   Alaska, Stikine Drug.
      Forest. The  observatory  offers visitors  a   permits being allocated to experienced
      chance to be within feet of these giants   tour  operators  such  as  Alaska  Charters   Day 2 Wrangell/Juneau
      of the forest.  Anan Creek was an ancient   &  Adventures,  Alaska  Peak  &  Seas
      fishing ground for the Stikine Tlingit clans   Tours,  Alaska  Vistas,  Alaska  Waters,   The  next  day  take  a  morning  trip  to
      who would catch and preserve the large   and  Breakaway  Adventures.  The  Anan   LeConte  Glacier  or  the  Stikine  River.
      salmon run for their winter food reserves.   Management  Plan  limits  the  amount   The  Stikine  is  the  fastest  free-flowing

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