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Selkirk Loop National Scenic Byway WASHINGTON

Pend Oreille Valley and North Pend Oreille Scenic Byways There are two Scenic Byways in Northeastern Washington that form part of the International Selkirk Loop National Scenic Byway. The Selkirk Loop has received the most prestigious designation as an All-American Road. There are only 27 such byways in the entire US and the Selkirk Loop is the only one that traverses two countries. Location: Located in the very northeast corner of Washington State; the Pend Oreille Valley Scenic Byway begins on Hwy 20 at Newport, Washington at the Idaho border and travels north to Tiger, Washington for 23 miles. The North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway picks up at Tiger on Hwy 31 at its junction with US 20 and continues to the Canadian border for 50 miles.


The Pend Oreille Valley Scenic Byway is a sparsely populated roadway winding through the beautiful Pend Oreille River valley, where fields of blue camas flowers blooming in late spring give way to lush vistas in the summer months, striking fall colors and the quiet beauty of winter.  The Byway passes the small communities of Usk and Cusick, offering river access in several spots, as well as access to an off-road ATV Park north of Cusick and hiking and fishing in the Colville National Forest, from the west side of the roadway and LeClerc Road on the east side of the river.

Remnants of a bygone era can still be seen, as evidenced by the river pilings standing as a reminder of the log boom holding areas that supplied the Diamond Match Company Mill at Cusick. Osprey and eagle nests can be spotted atop the river pilings and Tundra Swans can been seen on the river in March. There is a Sno-Park for winter recreation in the Colville National Forest as well as the 49 Degrees North Ski Resort nearby.

Special attractions include: the Pend Oreille River Lavender Festival in July, Colville National Forest, Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, Upper and Lower Wolf Trails, Geophysical Nordic and Mountain Bike trails, Batey-Bould ORV Area, Kings Lake Sno-Park, Nok-OSH Kol interpretive trail at Pioneer Park, David Thompson Interpretive Site, Newport and Tiger Museums.
Camping is available at several private campgrounds in the Newport area and one near Tiger and at the USFS Pioneer Park Campground with17 sites, across the river into Idaho on US 2, turn north on LeClerc Road for 2 miles.

The North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway is described as traversing Washington’s “Forgotten Corner” for a reason; the area seems as if time stands still. See where huge glaciers buried the ancient shoreline forever and shaped the land anew. Today a great emerald river “carves its way northward around the ankle bones of mile-high, majestic mountains.” This byway provides visitors with the chance to experience solitude in the Selkirk Mountains. Encounter the breathtaking scenery and wander the trails and side roads for closer views. Visitors are likely to see woodland caribou, grey wolves, grizzly bears, and bald eagles. Any season is the best time to visit the “Forgotten Corner.” Lush green springs and summers contrast with brilliantly colored autumns and white, snowy winters. Take the opportunity to enjoy the variety of recreational aspects of this beautiful area.


Special attractions include: Gardner Caves at Crawford State Park, Sullivan Lake, Sweet Creek Falls, Eagles Nest View Point, Box Canyon Dam, Boundary Dam, Cutter Theater & Museum, Mill Pond Flume Historic Site, Abercrombie-Hooknose Viewpoint, Tiger Historical Museum.


Camping is available at several private campgrounds and at the following USFS Campgrounds: Noisy Creek 19 sites; East Sullivan Lake 38 sites; West Sullivan Lake 10 sites, all east of Ione, 11 miles to lake; Edgewater 20 sites on Pend Oreille River's east bank, Ione; Mill Pond 10 sites, 2 miles north of Metaline Falls then 4 miles on Sullivan Lake Road; Little Pend Oreille Chain Lakes / Lake Gillette 30 sites; Lake Thomas 16 sites; Lake Leo 8 sites, all approximately 7-10 miles west of Tiger on Hwy 20; Crescent Lake 6 sites, 10 miles north of Metaline Falls.

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