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On San Juan Island, east of Victoria BC and west of Anacortes, accessible via ferry service from the Washington State Ferries in Anacortes. Visitor Information: San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, 135 Spring Street, PO Box 98, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Phone: (360) 378-5240.

The San Juan Islands are comprised of four major islands: Orcas, San Juan, Shaw and Lopez. San Juan Island is the second largest, with two major harbors, Friday and Roche. Whale watching tours are a popular activity, either from shore or on an excursion. Old British and American army camps lie at both ends of San Juan Island and make up the San Juan National Historical Park, with formal gardens, educational centers and renovated buildings to help visitors get a feel for life there in the mid-1800s.

On the east side of the island, the quaint seaport of Friday Harbor offers parks, restaurants, shops, galleries and a wide variety of lodging facilities. At the north end, Roche Harbor Village, on the National Register of Historical Sites, transports visitors back in time with beautiful Victorian gardens and historical buildings. Roche Harbor has an airstrip, marina, B&Bs and traditional lodging, grocery store, restaurants, sculpture park and resort. Rich in history and ambiance with its world-class marina, Roche Harbor is a favorite get away destination for many visitors year-round.

Whether visitors enjoy activities such as kayaking, bicycling and hiking or the more leisurely pursuits of whale watching and fine dining, everyone is impressed by the natural rugged beauty, peace and tranquility of the San Juans.


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