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Alaska Highway starts at Dawson Creek British Columbia Canada situated in the panoramic rolling foothills of northeastern British Columbia's Peace River Country and is best known as "Mile 0" on the Alaska Highway and ends in Delta Jct. Alaska some 1500 mile up the Alaska Highway. The construction of the famous Alaska Highway was a major factor in Dawson Creek's growth in the 1940s. Planned by the United States as an urgent strategic move in the war with Japan, the highway's initial purpose was solely military. The army used 11,000 soldiers and 16,000 civilians to build the road. The first soldiers and supplies arrived March 12, 1942 and in subsequent days the influx continued and Dawson Creek's population went from approximately 600 to 10,000. On November 20, 1942 just eight months and 21 days from start-up, the highway was officially opened. Since 1946, when it was taken over by Canada, the highway has become a vital commercial artery not only for Alaska, but also for northern British Columbia and the Yukon. The hub of four major highways, Dawson Creek is a nature-given gateway for travelers and a popular stopover point for tourists traveling northward along the 1500-mile Alaska Highway.

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