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Location: Highway I-90; approximately 12 miles west of Wallace, 35 miles east of Coeur d’ Alene. Population: 2,600. Visitor Information: Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce, 608 Bunker Avenue, Kellogg, ID 83837; Phone (208) 784-0821.


Kellogg is rich in mining history from an era past, but still thrives with the influx of new enterprise. Located in the Coeur d’Alene region of Idaho’s "Panhandle," this community still evidences a colorful past that will capture one’s imagination. Immediate areas surrounding Kellogg are frequented by visitors interested in reliving the exciting and often violent mining dispute history of the town. The Silver Valley is an important historical area of Idaho. Gold was discovered a few miles north of Wallace in 1882, which then led to the discovery of silver, lead and zinc in the region. Since that time, the valley’s Coeur d’ Alene mining district has been one of the largest silver mining regions in the world. Mining history provides the traveler unique recreational adventures from exploring ghost towns to panning for gold.


The Silver Mountain Ski and Summer Resort is located on the north-facing slopes of the scenic Bitterroot Range. Silver Mountain is blessed with 350 inches of powder annually. The mountain’s six lifts are reached after a 19-minute ride on the world’s longest single-stage gondola.

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