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Sun Valley/Ketchum Google Map from here to

Location: On Hwy 75, 82 miles north of Twin Falls. Visitor Information: Website: www.visitsunvalley.com


Sun Valley has long been known to offer more recreational opportunities than any other destination resort in the country and except for wilderness adventuring, the wide array of activities are all available within walking distance of the quaint village. Enjoy fine dining, exceptional entertainment and nightlife, great shopping and soothing spas, then relax in your choice of accommodation in preparation for fabulous skiing and snowboarding, exploring multi-purpose trails, ice skating, swimming and golf, to name just a few of the truly exhilarating pursuits to be enjoyed in Sun Valley, America’s first and best ski resort.


The town of Ketchum has a fascinating history dating back to the 1880s, when the area was one of the richest mining districts in the Northwest. In the 1890s, sheepmen began driving their herds through Ketchum to summer grazing in the Sawtooth, Boulder and Pioneer Mountains, so that by 1920 the town was the largest sheep shipping station in the US. In 1936, rail passengers began arriving in nearby Sun Valley to ski and Ketchum is now a year-round resort opening onto the Sawtooth Recreation Area. The annual Wagon Days parade, held on Labor Day weekend and featuring over 100 entries, celebrates the town’s rich pioneer and mining heritage.

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