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Welcome to the most comprehensive online travel guide for Alaska, Western Canada and Northwest USA

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Border Crossing and General Info

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency provides a full range of services at Canada’s international borders. Customs officers process travelers and commercial goods. They also monitor and control the importation of firearms, drugs, and other goods.

Customs offices

For answers to your customs-related inquiries, or to locate your nearest customs office, please call the information line. The service includes personal service if you call during office hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.—you can speak directly to an agent. Anytime, anywhere if your inquiry is of a general nature, our 24-hour phone service automatically answers all incoming calls and provides recorded information on many common topics. Calls from within Canada 1-800-461-9999. Calls from outside Canada should be to (204) 983-3500 or (506) 636-5064.

The following are some questions and answers on most common calls and questions.

Exchange Rates
Planning a trip or a purchase in Canada? The Canada customers and Revenue Agency’s Exchange Rates Web site will definitely be of interest to you. This site gives you the opportunity of converting foreign currency, from 20 countries, and the Canadian dollars. The best place to exchange your U.S. dollars is at a local bank in Canada, most communities have a bank within the town you are visiting. You can get the current rate of exchange at a local bank in Canada.
For 24-hour up to date recorded highway conditions information: call 1-900-451-4997
Customs Border Crossing
United Stated Citizens: Do not need passports or visa to enter Canada, but proof of citizenship such as birth certificate or passport, should be carried. Proof of residence, such as a driver’s license, should also be carried.
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