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British Columbia Travel British Columbia Travel
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British Columbia Travel

Words are inadequate to describe the spectacular scenery of Northern British Columbia.  It is here that jagged ranges of snow clad peaks, timbered foothills, fertile valleys, great lakes and rivers combine to form a photographer’s paradise. It is an endless panorama of thick lodgepole pine forests, cattle country, northern wilderness, the magnificent coast and finally the Queen Charlotte Islands. The region's size itself is impressive. It encompasses an area of roughly 500,000 square kilometers (193,000 square miles), making it considerably larger than the state of California.

Visitors can access the six sub-regions of northern BC via three main highway systems. Hwy 97 North is your southern point of entry, linking the gateway city of Prince George to Dawson Creek, which is also Mile Zero of the famous Alaska Highway 97 North leading to Alaska.

Bisecting the province east to west is Yellowhead Hwy 16, linking the eastern BC community of Tete Jaune Cache to the Queen Charlotte Islands off the northern BC coast. The communities of this region will astound and delight you with their diversity of lifestyles, culture and rare glimpses into a region steeped in unsurpassed beauty and historical context. Follow in the steps of the early explorers, gold-seekers and settlers who ventured along this historic trail into areas still inhabited by descendants of the aboriginal peoples who first made these vast lands their home. You will find a richness of opportunities in each community to delight your senses, so be certain to plan a stop in every one.

The Stewart-Cassiar Hwy 37 links the community of Kitwanga to the Alaska Highway just north of Watson Lake, Yukon. It provides travelers either an alternate route north into the Yukon and Alaska, or a circle tour route for those intrepid enough to want to see and experience all the wonders that northern BC has to offer.

If you would like to take a break from doing all the driving yourself in northern BC, you will want to take a trip on VIA Rail's Skeena Line. They operate a first-class passenger rail service between Jasper and Prince Rupert, along one of the most scenic routes of travel to be found anywhere.

British Columbia Travel
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