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Location: On the International Selkirk Loop at the intersection of Highways 3, 3A and 22, in the Central Kootenay Region near the south end of Arrow Lakes; about an hour’s drive from Nelson, Trail, the Slocan Valley and Grande Forks. Area Population: 16,000. Visitor Information: Castlegar Chamber of Commerce, 1995 6th Avenue, Castlegar, BC V1N 4B7; Phone: (888) 365-6313; Website: www.castlegar.com


Castlegar sits at the confluence of the mighty Columbia and Kootenay Rivers beneath the magnificent peaks of the Selkirk and Monashee Mountain ranges, where the continuous flow of sparkling waters, lush vegetation, abundant wildlife and mesmerizing panoramic views create an awe-inspiring backdrop and natural location for family holidays, romantic getaways and adrenaline adventures.


Adventure seekers of all abilities will find trails for hiking and biking, world-class fishing, championship golf and untouched powder for perfect skiing. Be transported back in time with rich historical attractions and heritage sites. Wonder at the power of water behind any of the nine area dams or the amazing structural engineering of the many bridges spanning the vast waterways. Local shops abundant with arts, crafts and produce and a wide array of ethnic restaurants cater to every taste. Accommodations range from full service hotels to rustic campgrounds.


The Doukhobor Village Museum in Castlegar preserves and celebrates the local settlement of these Russian religious refugees, who numbered over 5000 in the early 1900s, comprising the largest successful communal enterprise in North America. There is an art gallery and crafts centre on the grounds, as well as a restaurant featuring western and Doukhobor fare. Visit www.doukhobor-museum.org for more information.

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