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Location: Graham Island, west of Skidegate on Bearskin Bay. Population: 1,045. Visitor Information: 3922 Highway 33, Box 819 Queen Charlotte, B.C. V0T 1S0. Phone: (250) 559-8316; E-mail: info@qcinfo.ca


The Village of Queen Charlotte, dating back to 1891 as a Crown Grant, is a progressive community supported primarily by the logging and fishing industries. With more and more people seeking a getaway from the hurried pace of metropolitan areas, tourism is increasing on this island paradise of mist, sea and mountains.


Snuggled between Bearskin Bay and forested mountains, Queen Charlotte has of necessity made good use of available level land. The business district is an attractive array of nice modern businesses including comfortable motel/hotel accommodations along with good restaurants and grocery stores. The remains of a mill built in 1908 still stand at the Old Sawmill site. This mill sawed the spruce for which the Queen Charlottes are famous and the lumber used in airplane construction during World War I. After the mill was shut down, a fire destroyed the buildings. All that was left as a stark memorial to a time past was a huge flywheel and pieces of the boiler. 


The longhouse visitor centre at 3220 Wharf Street has an interpretive garden and picnic area, and in the summer local artists are on site painting, carving and crafting There is also a large parking area for RVs and indoor public restrooms.

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