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Muncho Lake BC Muncho Lake BC
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Northern Rockies Lodge is at Milepost 462 on the Alaska Highway/BC Hwy 97
Muncho Lake BC
Just off the Alaska Highway, Muncho Lake Provincial Park provides serene seclusion and some of the most outstanding views of natural beauty anywhere in the North, featuring spectacular folded mountains, bountiful wildlife and brilliantly-colored wildflowers. In the southern portion of the Park, the very impressive geological formations of Folded Mountain tower above the road. Tectonic deformations have folded the limestone, giving these mountains their unique appearance.
Further along the highway, visitors travel across alluvial fans; caution should be used if investigating these wonders of nature, as rain high up in the mountains may cause flooding with little or no warning. Keep an eye open for the moose which frequent the many swamps in this area. There is also an excellent chance of seeing Stone sheep along the highway – just be sure to check the rear-view mirror before hitting the brakes, give motorists' ample warning of your intention to stop, and pull well off the road. Other commonly seen wildlife includes mountain goats, bison, elk and caribou. 
Daily boat tours are available to learn about the history of the lake. The cold, deep waters, tinted jade green by minerals, are home to lake trout, arctic grayling, bull trout and whitefish.
Muncho Lake BC
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